still waiting to win the lottery?

Have you even bought a ticket?

So many people say or assume that if they win the lottery their life will be wonderful YET half the people who say that have not even bought a ticket AND the same can be said of life.

We often live in hope of how life will get better OR be better when we reach a certain place OR have certain material things that we often forget to MAKE LIFE THAT GREAT right NOW! We spend most of the year planning for that awesome 2 week holiday. we do over time at work, become unhappy in our daily life just to strive for that 2 week break of happiness( or huge lottery win) and more often than not when the holiday arrives we are that stressed we need another holiday to recover from that holiday!! Does that sound familiar?

We strive so much, for so much more that all we do is strive and BELIEVE only when we reach that goal we will be for-filled!

I have often had this conversation with friends, family and business partners and by the end of the conversation we all really REALISE what we have on hands on right now.

The question is. If money, material things, fame and fortune bring so much happiness then why do the people who have it seem so unhappy? You only need to read the news papers and hear story’s of how lots of celebrity’s are depressed, alcoholics, drug dependant, lonely and in dis pare to see that something is MISSING  from there lives. Look at some of the most popular and richest people of our time, taking their own lives YET from the outside society assumed they had it all.

So if money, fame and material things are not the answer then what is? and this can for some be a difficult answer.

This past week I spent time camping at Faith 2012 in peter-borough. Now obviously it was all about GOD and JESUS and people coming together on common ground. AND although GOD may not be your thing, it certainly rocked my world and reinforced to me of what  my life is about.

What I experienced this week was and was truly an amazing week. People from all over the world came together in LOVE for each other. It did not matter who you were, what you did, where you came from, single, married..etc… EVERYBODY came together, helped each other, shared life story, comforted each other, helped in every aspect, be it making a stranger a cup of tea OR making new friends. Every one was equal. Everyone was kind to each other. NO ONE WAS ALONE!

Now my knowledge of Jesus was and is still very limited BUT here is a bloke who gave everything to everyone no matter who they were, he shared his life, forgave everyone , healed people and dedicated his life for the love of all. NOW even if you’re not religious. To have someone in your life like him, would nt that be amazing?? That loved you no matter what, forgave you for anything you did to him,to help everyone and not exclude anyone. This guy rocked! ultimately he gave unconditional love to those who choose him.Image

So although its important to have goals, dreams and aspirations sometimes we find the answer is maybe not the result we aim for. The lottery ticket is already ours, in all we already have around us.God, Friends, family, neighbour’s,love,unity and treating others the way we would like to be treated. AFTER ALL., as the beetles also said.


( but I am sure a winning lottery ticket might be a nice bonus!!) lol


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